The National Refining Company Ltd (SONARA), informs public authorities, its partners, customers and the general public that SONARA has successfully restarted its manufacturing units, at the end of a shutdown which began on 15 January 2017.

The end of this shutdown marks the beginning of the supply of refined petroleum products to the Cameroonian market.

Regulatory revamping work was completed since May 05, 2017.

These debottleneck works mainly concerned the main atmospheric distillation unit (U10), the heat exchangers of the pre-heat train (U10), the 10F1 furnace, the hydro-treatment unit (U20), the Unit for stabilization and splitting of gasoline (U30), the catalytic reforming unit (U50), the 50F1 oven, the 50 F1 recycling compressor, and finally the desulphurization unit for gas oil (U60).

In off sites, outside the production units, SONARA took advantage of this exercise to optimize its storage capacity by substantially increasing the availability of diesel tanks (C42 and C43) by more than 32% at the end of June 2017 and the crude oil tank (A14), by more than 30%, of the existing capacity.

That is why, since 15 May 2017, the main atmospheric distillation unit has been producing with an average flow of 250 m3/h.

Thanks to the coupling of the hydro-treatment units (U20) and the desulphurization of gas oil (U60), all production units have been operational since 31 May 2017, with an average flow rate of 300 m3/h to reach a target flow of 340 m3/h in June 2017.

In addition, as part of the supply to the Cameroonian market, the very first vessel ex SONARA (M/T Cap Limboh) was loaded on 23 May 2017 for the SCDP Douala depot and had as loading split:

  • Gasoil: 12,000 m3 at TA
  • FO 1500: 1,500 m3 at TA.

The second vessel (M/T CAP LIMBOH) consisting of 13.000 m3 at TA of gasoil, priority for unloading, has been on standby at the base buoy in Douala since 29 May 2017 for unloading.

SONARA took advantage of this programmed shutdown to virtually refurbish its manufacturing units for a better production, in order to enhance the supply, in both quality and quantity, of refined petroleum products.

The programmed shutdown was carried out without any accident.

Done in Limbe, 2 June 2017


General Manager


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