We are repeatedly informed that unscrupulous individuals claiming to belong to private or public institutions in charge of social and vocational integration of job seekers are promising recruitments in SONARA to citizens and requesting from them the payment of fees and significant sums of money.

Their modus operandi is to exploit the dreams of young compatriots by demanding fees for medical examinations, pre-employment tests or registration for alleged trainings in order to adapt their academic experiences to the profiles of the various positions to be filled within the National Refining Company Ltd (SONARA).

The National Refining Company Ltd (SONARA), has no connection with these malicious persons and thus informs the national and international opinion that the recruitment process in SONARA is entirely free.

The General Management of SONARA insists that such unhealthy practices are against the laws and regulations of the Republic and they tarnish the image of a Company that cares about its social responsibility.

One of such social responsibilities is our recruitment policy that combines competitiveness, transparency, equal opportunities and healthy competition between compatriots wishing to work in our company.

In conformity with this policy, SONARA works with selected institutions and the National Employment Fund (NEF),charged with recruitments nationwide and abroad with due respect to rules and regulations surrounding their missions.

Our company in this process receives short lists of competent applicants after serious scrutiny.  Thereafter, the preselected candidates are expected to undergo further test in SONARA intended to confirm their physical and moral capability to handle the jobs to be assigned to them before signing an employment contract.

The SONARA Management advices our fellow compatriots to be more than ever before vigilance in order to conform with the laws of our country, which give equal opportunities to all job seekers in our company. 

                                                                    The General Manager 

                                                                   Ibrahim TALBA MALLA